tl;dr: I'm a product-minded engineer that loves building products and engineering teams.

I live in sunny Lisbon in Portugal!

It all started in 2003. I started my master's in Information Systems and Computer Engineering, one of the most prestigious colleges in Portugal. College helped me understand the bases of Software Development but also gave me the skills to adapt and learn to every challenge that came along the way.

In 2008 I started working in a digital agency as a software developer, and looking back was an excellent start for my professional career. I was able to work with great people and top brands.
Work mainly with Ruby on Rails and Javascript, but also got the chance to put my hands in other languages like Perl and PHP. But nothing beat my love for the Ruby language. Never left ruby and still today use it to launch new products.

My next challenge was Getsocial, that helps companies better understand the results of their content marketing. There, I had the opportunity to create the platform from the ground up. It was a fantastic experience that helped me grow in many levels. It made me understand that to be a great engineer, we need to know and be involved in the business as well. We've built an application that, when I left, was serving around fifty-thousand clients with around one-hundred million requests a month. It was built with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. It was an incredible challenge to scale a complex application to be able to serve hundreds of millions of requests in the fastest way possible. I was the CTO and led a team of four engineers.

In 2015 I joined Runtime. It's a team of amazing developers working from Portugal with proven experience working with US-based companies. Here I got the chance to build teams that helped our clients develop and deliver the best products. I started the journey working as a Team Leader in charge of a team of five working remotely for a company in the US. After I accepted the challenge of being a managing director. During that period, I've helped the company go from forty to more than one-hundred people. I was in charge of Recruitment, Marketing, and overview and did client management for tens of projects.

Since the mid of 2020, I decided to jump into another challenge. I'm the Director of Engineering in ChartMogul. We're building the platform that helps SaaS businesses understand their metrics and succeed. Being a wonderful challenge surrounded with amazing people.

I've also started my journey as an IndieHacker. Started IsDown which is a platform to help to easily monitor all the tools that a business depends on.

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